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Do it yourself - Rental only

For those that would prefer to do it yourself our rental service might be just what you are looking for!

Allowing you to rent individual items to customize yourself. Free delivery to either your home or venue up to 2 days prior your event with collection the following day.

Fish bowl -                         £3.50 Each

Material- Glass

Size- 7" (18cm)

Vase -                                 £3.50 Each

Material - Glass

Size- 8" (20cm)

Candle Stick -                    £3.50 Each

Material - Glass

Size- 7.5" (19cm)

Milk Bottle-                        £3.50 Each

Material- Glass

Size - 11.5" (29cm)

Small Martini Glass -        £5.00 Each

Material - Glass

Size- 10" (25.5cm)

Large Martini glass-         £8.00 Each

Material - Glass

Size- 20" (51cm)

X-Large Martini glass-     £10.00 Each

Material- Glass

Size- 30" (76cm)

Small Birdcage-               £4.00 Each

Material- Metal

Size- 13" (33cm)

Crystal Birdcage -           £5.00 Each

Material- Metal

Size- 19" (48cm)

Candelabra-                    £5.00 Each

Material- Metal

Size- 14" (36cm)

Please see gallery for style inspiration

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